Streamlined Monitoring and Alerting
for AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications

BeanBot gives your team a birds-eye view of all your environments through configurable notifications and detailed insights.

Elastic Beanstalk Events
Application Updates
Evironment Status Changes
Notifications Sent

Reduce Noise Through Highly Configurable Notifications

Get alerts for the events that matter to your team. You can opt in and out of certain notifications for each environment to reduce notification overload.

Current Spam Reduction Rate

Deployment Progress Bars & Real-Time Updates

After a few application updates, BeanBot learns and starts predicting how long your deploys will take. Stop clicking refresh on the elastic beanstalk dashboard. Sit back and watch your deploys roll instead.

Last Deploy: 5 minutes ago

Application Update Insights

Keep everyone on the same page when application updates are rolling.
Extremely useful when coordinating deploys across multiple services.

Detailed Environment Status Tracking & Reporting

Keep track of status changes to analyze later.
Full logs allow you to trace architecture failures all the way to their beginning.

Real-Time TV Dashboard

Keep a close eye on all your application stacks. This command center is any dev-ops team's favorite feature.